• Situation

    • A big regional bank has failed with its first attempt of internationalization
    • For the second attempt professional assistance from outside is used


    • Identify two countries with high market potential:Czech Republic, Poland
    • Analyse in detail economies and trends within each business segment of the selected countries
    • Determine the specific strengths of the client and their applicability in the selected countries
    • Check expertise of competitors
    • Cooperate with law firms in the target countries concerning legal questions
    • Determine and describe target segments, prospective clients
    • Establish list of measures, planning and documentation for board decision
  • Situation

    • Big investor wants to invest in German real estate market…
    • …and, at the same time, to present himself as real estate servicer for other investors
    • The group acquires, with consortium partners, portfolios of real estate financings from German banks


    • Analyse in detail the documentation of financings
    • Determine necessary actions for specific properties and financings
    • Appraise each object
    • Establish risk management
    • Report permanently to management, shareholders and other investors
    • Establish IT-support (replace existing system)
    • Active portfolio management:-change structure of tenants

      -refinance several properties

      -sell several properties

      In case of missing consensus with borrower: initiate legal enforcement measures against properties

  • Situation

    • Client: Privately owned Kazakh Bank; EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) regards bank as qualified for “twinning program” to meet Western standards
    • Majority of competitors within country either bankrupt or endangered
    • Some competitors have positive potential, but cannot survive alone


    • Redirect strategy; establish controlling, internal auditing, risk management, marketing; improve human resource management and IT
    • Select banks suitable for acquisition; redesign structure and processes
    • Choose most qualified candidates from acquiring and acquired banks for each management function – ensure acceptance by whole staff seminars and by use of informal networks and informal opinion leaders
    • Create atmosphere of progress by internal and external marketing
    • Lobbying in cooperation with central bank, owners and other groups of influence to repel influence of state in loan making decisions and personnel related decisions of the bank
  • Situation

    • Company with 200 employees provides IT-networks all over Germany
    • Human resource development, controlling and financial accounting could not keep pace with growth of business
    • External auditor criticises shortcomings

    • Check the originally designed strategy – as well as the (according to interview results) – actually applied strategy
    • Establish new processes for business development, project calculation and reporting
    • Create in-house departments for financial accounting and controlling and minimize costs for external services
    • Participate in selection of key personnel
    • Follow up long-term project: Support company as interim-manager in controlling and project management
  • Situation

    • Health insurance wants to obtain quality leadershop in its segment and cost reductions at the same time


    • Determine tasks and respective time expenditure for each level of company structure
    • Present all processes including all areas of company; determine bottlenecks, double work and deficiencies in supervision
    • Determine profitability of each outlet
    • Re-distribute tasks in combination with quick, reliable and cost efficient processes
    • Re-shape structure of outlets, merge levels of hierarchy
    • Redefine room and space allocation within head office
    • Formulate demands on IT-support
  • Situation

    • American business group sends two long-time American employees to Germany to establish a subsidiary. Within six months EURO 1.3 billion are invested in Germany
    • Assistance by domestic experts urgently needed

    • Analyse all investments for risks and prospective cash-flow
    • Identify all risks arising from location of assets, structure of financing, parties involved, legal aspects
    • Establish reporting on facts and figures addressed to shareholders as well as to lenders
    • Establish processes for quick decision making, legal support and permanent comparison of actual versus planned results on liquidity, earnings and status of projetcs
    • Improve IT-support
    • Participate in selection of additional staff
  • Situation

    • Manufacturing company has shown fluctuating results in the past
    • Main bank does not extend credit lines due to new demands of “Basle II accord”
    • Company has established measures in the past to improve revenues and cost-situation, which shall show results in the future only. Further measures are planned


    • Audit inventory accounting, flow of materials and financial accounting
    • Quantify impact of liquidity and yield of established and planned measures
    • Determine needed investments and impact on liquidity
    • Reduce costs and improve structure of balance
    • Use existing properties for new business segments
    • Improve internal auditing
    • Establish planning and lists of actions for each business segment
    • Implement processes to react quickly on deviations of actual results from plans
    • Present results to main bank
  • Situation

    • Manufacturer of heavy machinery with 1000 employees, located in economically troubled region, is near over-indebtedness and illiquidity


    • Adress quality of decision makers including owners, review result of accounting and check flow of materials and capital to determine chances of continuation
    • Check receivables, affiliate companies and other assets for true value
    • Agree waiting period with major creditors
    • Define concept of turn around:-reduction of production locations

      -sale of real estate

      -sale of subsidiaries

      -reduction of costs

      -improved receivables management

      -redundancy program

      -job creation company

    • Present concept to lenders and the guarantor (state-owned fund)
  • Situation

    • Non-profit organization running retirement homes and other institutions with 4000 employees applies insufficient human resource management – resulting in missing information on costs, in low jobs satisfaction and permanent shortages in staff available


    • Re-shape processes for recruitment, appraisal and disciplinary measures
    • Improve IT-support for human resource administration
    • Establish state-of-the-art cost accounting for steering human resource input
    • Suggest replacement of personnel in some key functions